Love Broadcast work?

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A top ranking PR Consultancy based in Central London have two openings available - one at Account Executive level and the other at Account Manager.

These positions are based within the Broadcast Team and will enable both successful candidates to work closely with their LA as well as UK team.

If you have experience working within the TV and Broadcast industry sector, please send through your CV now to:-  [email protected] or tel. 07912212402 for further details.



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Calling all Freelancers - Looking for work leading-up to Xmas?

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Are you a seasoned Freelancer looking for immediate work before the Xmas close?  We are looking for candidates from PR Account Executive level, through to Account Director status.

Please send through your CV asap, with a short-paragraph of what work and rate you are looking for:-  [email protected]





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Interview Tips

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There are many different types of interviews, depending upon whom you are meeting, whether it is an individual or a Panel.

There is the traditional interview which involves getting to know you and whether you are experienced for the job role, or it could be an interview that involves you providing examples of your work or to present to a Panel.

Interviews come in many different formats, but their purpose is always the same; “getting the right person for the job”. 

Before going to any interview, ask yourself - are you really interested in this job role? There are many occasions when Candidates use the opportunity to “get interview practice” and are not always 100% interested in the job role.  If you are serious about taking a new career step, then the following tips could help you get closer to obtaining that perfect job role.


Preparation is the key to success! You will have already received a date, time and venue for your interview, which you should look-up location-wise, in order to gauge the time needed to get there.

  1. Firstly do your research – on the company, the person/people you are meeting and try to find out any latest news regarding the Company.
  2. Check their website – there are plenty of blogs on web sites which provide latest company news.
  3. Keep abreast of Current Affairs, think about news you have heard recently relative to the Company’s business sector. So many people fall at the first hurdle because they have not kept up to date with news articles and company competitor information.


First impressions and lasting judgements are made within a very short period of time. Judgement about a person is made within the first 1.5 minutes of a person meeting for the first time.

In order to give a good first impression:

Arrive in plenty of time and allow for any possible delays (underground/trains/road closures), always have an alternative route “B” to hand. It is always wise to have your Recruitment Consultant’s telephone number with you in case you are caught up in any delays. This will enable them to call the client so that they are able to inform them of your possible delay.

Dress code is dependent upon a Company’s culture but it would be best to play safe and dress comfortably, in casual smart or city corporate style. If you are unsure, take a look at photos of the staff on their company website for guidance.

Some companies have “Mission statements” – check to see if you wish to mention anything about this in your interview.

Before the interview: 

  1. Ensure your mobile phone is set to “silent”.
  2. Have a last minute check on your appearance, in case you get caught up in rain or wind.
  3. Have your CV and Presentation Folder ready to provide if necessary.

In the Interview:

  1. Eye contact – look your interviewer in their eyes, whether it is one person or a Panel – ensure you engage with all members and smile.
  2. Smiling suggest confidence and helps you feel at ease. After all, everyone has had an interview at some stage of their life and they will understand if there are any nerves, due to not knowing what to expect. Remember, interviews are not meant to be confrontational!
  3. Always take a copy of your CV with you. Never presume that the Interviewer or Panel have copies.
  4. Let them take the lead and respond to their questions confidently, try not to rush your answers.
  5. You may know your experience level but they don’t. Do not presume that they have read your CV or Cover Letter in detail; therefore you would need to expand and give examples of “how” you have achieved certain tasks and what the outcome was. Be clear about what you have achieved and use “I” rather than “we” when talking about achievements.
  6. Body language is important, therefore sit upright in your chair and relax your hands. Do not slouch in your chair, even if you feel the interview is not going to plan.

At the end of the interview: 

It is normal that the Interviewee or Panel will let you know when a decision will be made and how you will be notified. If they do not mention anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

It is usual that at the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. Even though you may feel that everything was covered in the interview, it is always good to ask at least 2 questions, but steer clear of questions regarding holidays or benefits as this could leave a negative impression.

Try not to talk about salary or bonus, unless the Interviewee or Panel mentions this. If you do, it could give the impression that salary is your prime consideration. This should be left to your Recruitment Consultant to liaise with the client, on your behalf or can always be discussed in more detail when an offer of appointment is made.

At the end of an interview, thank the Interviewee or Panel for the opportunity given to you to meet them and to learn more about the job role. If you are really interested in the job then convey this to them and say that you look forward to hearing from them.

After leaving their office, report back to your Recruitment Consultant with feedback – this is crucial as everything will be fresh in your mind and, if you have any concerns or questions, your Recruitment Consultant will be able to assist you.

What happens next?

If you are offered the job – Congratulations! Respond positively to the news. It is likely that you will have references taken up. Ensure that your referees are aware of the likelihood of such enquiries.

Do not hand in your Notice until you have written confirmation of your appointment. This could be via email and followed-up in the post and is likely to be an Offer Letter, before Contract.

What if you are unsuccessful?

Try not to be hard on yourself, as it may be the case that you met all the selection criteria, but another candidate had slightly more experience or could offer other skills. There will always be other opportunities, so congratulate you for getting selected for interview.

You should get feedback from your Recruitment Consultant, which should help you reflect on your own performance. Think positively about what you could have done differently. Remember, you can learn a lot from interview feedback so that when you go for your next one, you can make the necessary improvements.

Teresa Batchelor - CC Blue Recruitment


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